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Sep. 23rd, 2011

H and Tim

reply to H

This new..almost sly Horatio was cute. When Horatio admitted to the mirror, Timothy smiled. “There’s a lot of new things I wanted to try with you. Mirror, fist, roleplay..” Timothy laughed quietly, shaking his head. He never did admit to any of these things before and he absolutely regretted that. He wouldn’t allow it to happen again. “Out in the open again.. like in that alleyway.” Timothy rumbled, tongue running out along his lips briefly just at the memory of what happened. How they had gotten caught but of course the two managed to wriggle out of any actual punishment. For a moment he wondered how Officer Cruise was doing, Tim never did have the heart to call him since Horatio had left him, he didn’t want to be reminded of their night together. He tried to wipe Horatio completely from his mind but to no avail of course.

But all of that was behind him now, he had Horatio back and he wasn’t going to lose him again. He couldn’t. When Horatio offered a faint smile, Timmy raised a brow, wondering what the older man was thinking about but Tim just shook his head, chuckling. Whatever it was, it probably wasn’t good.

Up until right now, Timothy was very much at ease. Even yawning once more he scratched his bare belly, stretching his legs, toes curling. That was until Raymond Caine was mentioned and his muscles grew taut again at the mention of his name. Something dropped inside of him and there was a faint growling sound in the back of his throat. Jealousy. Not that he was overly surprised that Horatio was still speaking with his brother, however it did surprise him that Ray Caine was still alive. Of course Tim hadn’t yet known that Ray was clean. And even if he did, he would find that extremely hard to believe at this point. Horatio had mentioned him earlier but Tim didn’t have much time to process that fact and he grunted but said nothing about Tin Man, he didn’t want to argue and he knew Horatio would defend his brother until the younger Caine finally hit the grave and probably even after that.

After a few moments, Tim looked over at Horatio and felt a twinge of guilt. He hadn’t meant to hurt Horatio in any way with that comment, “It’s my fault you left I know it is..I just.. I guess I never thought you would leave me and I could do what I wanted. Fuck who I wanted. Just walk all over you..” Tim spoke quietly, ashamed. He was far from perfect now but at least he was willing to try to change. What Horatio said next caught his attention though, not just the words but the tone. Eyes closing he shuddered, it wasn’t a good feeling. Obviously Horatio was speaking about Nico and just the thought of him made Tim’s skin crawl. At this point Tim would love to use one of Nico’s precious fucking dogs against him, watch them tear Nico apart, rend flesh from bone and open up his insides. In fact, Tim was enjoying that scenario play out in his mind a little too much and he shook his head to clear the vivid pictures.

However the fact that he had Horatio with him, that they would go down together, it oddly made him feel better. “We can get him this time, I know we can.” Timothy whispered to him, his eyes darker than a few minutes earlier. He could sense Horatio’s passion about Nico and Tim not only shared it, he wanted to fuel it. Get Horatio on board as much as possible, they were divided on the Nico situation those months ago but now..now Horatio seemed to be ready this time and Tim wasn’t going to waste that.

When Horatio started to move, Tim moaned into the kiss, eyes closed briefly before he opened them and noticed the flash of pain cross those normally stoic features. It was beautiful really and Tim purred. The two just looking at each other now as he rested his palms on Horatio’s thighs, stroking them slowly, noticing the way Horatio was looking at him had his heart skip a beat. At ‘booty call’ was mentioned, Timothy had to laugh he was so caught off guard. Especially at Horatio saying the word ‘booty’. Hilarious. However after the initial shock of the question settled in, Tim gave him a wary look. Was H serious? But before he could reply Horatio was teasing him, his lips and as Horatio eased backwards, Tim lifted his head, trying to catch him in another kiss before the older man moved on. “Horatio..” The tone was low and rough, a warning.

Allowing his head to fall back against the pillow as Horatio slithered downward, Tim grasped the sheets, gripping them tight, yanking on them as that tongue tortured his already over heated flesh. Jesus Christ that voice, Horatio was purposely making it deeper, thicker and Timothy whimpered as his cock twitched. He was completely drained and it was just painful at this point as he need grew. Writhing on the bed, Tim could feel his pulse quicken as Horatio mentioned getting back on the plane. “I wouldn’t let you.” The words were near silent but the vemon and the sheer need to have Horatio close to him, stay with him was certainly clear.

What if I have a lover in New York?

Despite feeling that warm breath on him, despite the building need in his groin Timothy snarled and moved as quick as his tired bones would allow, pinning Horatio down to the bed. That jealousy was still an issue as he hovered over the older man, panting now because of arousal, because of the spark of what? Anger? The need to possess? Already he was half hard and God did that hurt. His organ was throbbing, Tim could feel it pump in time with his raging heart and he kept his eyes trained on Horatio Caine, trying to read the unreadable. Trying to figure out if he did have someone back in New York. Inching forward, Tim cocked his head to the side, watching him. He could feel his arms now tense, locked as he kept himself on all fours over the older man. His swelling dick now hanging low between thighs as he sneered and reared back, grasping Horatio’s hip he turned him over in a not-so-gentle manner. Poor Horatio.

Grasping his not completely hardened shaft he started to poke at Horatio’s thoroughly abused asshole. Horatio wanted to play around with his jealousy? Hmf. Timmy had to remind him just how powerful his want to keep the older man to himself was. Shifting his weight he went back on his knees, one hand pressed against the small of Horatio’s lower back, keeping him pinned to the bed as he began to cram himself into the already lubed and torn hole with a guttural sound. It hurt him, it hurt a fucking lot as the oversensitive flesh re-entered the other man but Tim kept pushing until he was fully sheathed inside. Pulling out slowly he thrust back into him and Tim could feel himself thicken with every muscle spasm around him.

“Tell me about the others who’ve fucked you.” Timothy spoke in a rough, broken tone as he went down on all fours over the prone man, hissing against his ear. “Tell me they’re better!” Timmy began to pump in a somewhat erratic rhythm. One hand was braced on Horatio's back still, the other by his side as Timothy began to really claim what was his. His. Hot breath touches along the sweaty nape of Horatio's neck as he groaned, his tongue dragging along the sparse hairs before his teeth bare down, gripping Horatio tight in his teeth to keep him still while he was in rut.

Aug. 25th, 2011

H and Tim

reply to H

The silence was fast becoming his enemy, the emptiness of it constricted him. Engulfing Speedle not like a warm blanket but more like a straight jacket. Able to move but unwilling he sat on his couch as another evening slipped by. The once inviting tv screen was black, quieted down with the push of a button and closing his eyes he wished he could do the same to his mind. But right now there were so many thoughts blurring together in a jumbled mess. Mostly colored with Horatio of course but then of Eric Delko and Calleigh. The pair were now a happy couple, which didn’t surprise anyone in the least. Eric had long since settled down from his playboy ways and connected with his attractive female partner, the two bonding quite nicely. He had never seen the pair as happy as they are now. At the moment, Tim shifted his attention to his cell phone he had long since felt that flutter of his heart, the increase in his breathing patterns when he expected it to be Horatio. Hope was quickly dwindling and while he still had patience the depression he began to felt was almost crippling.

When Horatio first had left him, Timothy felt nothing of the sort. He knew Horatio would be back, he knew Horatio needed him. But that cockiness soon morphed into sorrow as days merged into weeks and weeks to months. Tim was mourning someone who hadn’t even passed away. Regretting all the times he had abused Horatio, tormented him. Anger had long since passed as he had blamed the red head for what he had done, what Horatio had allowed him to do. Tim had realized that was a fallacy of course, it was his own fault.

Near to the final ring, Timothy stood up and snatched the phone from his table, pressing Send he put the phone to his ear and right away there was a relaxed exhale of breath.

“Speed? You there man? C’mon. I can hear your beard growing.” Eric joked. Bantering with his friend like the old days, at least that was what Eric wanted to think.

“You can stop hounding me I’m fine.” The snap to his tone had lessened in the past few weeks which had upset Eric. Clearly the fight was going out of his friend. Tim seemed oblivious to the worry.

“I’m not hounding you, I’m checking up on you.” Eric countered in a somewhat huffy tone. There was a faint commotion in the back ground and Tim heard a muffled but still ever chipper voice.

“Tell him to come over! We can have a game night.” It was Calleigh of course.

Groaning inwardly his friend had already sputtered out a reply without Tim having to say a word. “Cal I don’t think Tim is up for game night.” The phone was being toyed with, pulled away from Eric as Tim heard more muffled sounds but nothing coherent. Tim sighed. Ever since Tim became even more introverted Eric had gotten worried to the point of calling him near everyday.

Eric had once told Calleigh that Tim reminded him of a dog that lost it’s owner. Waiting diligently by the front door for him to come back. To come home. Maybe that was it, Tim needed a focus, something tangible to love. Not just a fuck.

Coming back to the phone, Tim felt the faint burn of a headache forming behind his eyes. Sitting down again he could hear, suddenly, the strain in Eric’s tone.


“Tim..” The Cuban started and then trailed off and Tim knew this was going to be bad. Rarely did his friend ever call him Tim. The somber tone told him to prepare for the worst.

..say it.

“..he won.”

It was all he needed to hear, the rest of what Eric was telling him..Tim didn’t care about. Images of Nico began to flash through his inner mind just as crisp and clear as if it were happening all over again. The first time meeting him, the smug tone in which the man spoke to him. The raw power of him, the reach he had, the connections, the drugs, the violence. The night Tripp and he.. when they.. And Tim shut down that line of thinking almost as instantly as it began. The people of Miami had chosen their new leader. Given him access to everything.

Still half listening to Eric, Timothy touched the remote and the tv came back to life in an instant. Walking over to the modest flat screen tv he took no comfort from the glow. Down at the bottom of the screen a large ever moving ticker cut into some of the picture, informing the viewer that the results were in and Nico had triumphed in a landslide victory. Nico was looking sharp to say the least after shedding practically all of his past save for the faint jagged scar. Tilting his head, Tim kept his eyes trained on the person in front of him, sort of. Still muted, Tim merely stood with the remote half in his hand, fingers loosely clutching the device. Nico was handsome of course, animated, ecstatic. Another familiar face was right next to him, perhaps a ‘handler’ but Tim knew better. It was Joey. Those same sharp blue eyes, scanning the crowd, laughing with the others but also keeping a wary eye out for anyone heading towards Nico that he was unfamiliar with. Though his face still held that baby-like quality, the large calloused hands and the well built exterior told Timothy that this man was no one to fuck around with. Joey was upset at what had occurred those years ago, to put it mildly and he would never let anything like that happen again.

Keeping an eye on the tv, Timothy began to pace slowly, deliberately. Nico. Oddly enough there wasn’t that wave of rage he used to feel but there was a spark in him. Something rekindled in his stomach, maybe along with the horrifying memory of Nico was the more pleasant, loving ones from Horatio. The two people were now intertwined in his mind, Horatio and Nico.

“Speed? You there? I..”

It was Delko again and before he could continue, Timothy cut him off.

“I’m fine Eric, really. I’ll talk to you soon.” And before the man could counter, Tim hung up the cell and tossed it over to the couch, all without taking his eyes off of the tv. Watching Nico move so fluidly between politicians and the rich.

Not for the first time in his life, Timothy wondered if the CSI job was right for him. Tim did have a passion for it but moreso when Horatio was around. Tim so desperately wanted his approval at work, wanted to make Horatio proud and once that was taken away from him, Tim felt the job alone wasn’t enough. And now with Nico having full reign of just about every government process, Tim didn’t know what to do.

“I wish you were here.” The words were so soft and so pitiful they sounded foreign to his own ears. Tim felt his team needed the red head more than anything right now. To rally them, protect them as he had done so many years before. Dr Ray Langston was a fine leader and once Grissom had gotten back from his hiatus the man left Vegas and came down to Miami, filling the void left by Horatio. It wasn’t the same by a long shot but the man was a fine mix of fair and tough with a bit of quirkiness thrown in. Wolfe seemed to settle in somewhat easier than Eric, who was having a rough time with Horatio leaving. As did Calleigh but the pair had each other for comfort. Eric and Wolfe had gotten off to a bad start but the two seemed close now, especially with Timothy pulling away more and more. Alexx had dealt with things in her own way, quietly but giving Timothy easy touches to his hand once in a while. The two shared a moment of little smiling here and there, each of them knowing the other was there for them. Which was enough for Timothy. Alexx knew, or assumed, Tim was the reason Horatio had left. She loved Timmy like a son but was hurt that the scruffy man forced Horatio to leave a job he so adored and was so right for. It was a damn shame really.

Soon after Horatio ventured back to where ever he was going, Catherine Willows packed her things and most likely headed to Vegas, headed to Gil Grissom. Not that Timothy cared really, the two barely spoke unless it was work related and even that was strained. New people were hired, Walter was one of them. A rather large black man, young, teddy-bearish and pretty funny. Got along with Wolfe very well. Natalia, whom Tim assumed had a fling with Eric since the two were pretty chummy and then back off of each other for a while. She was somewhat flakey at first but grew into the job. None of them had any idea of what Nico was capable of. What the people of Miami brought onto themselves and Tim was a breath away from leaving them to it. Let them suffer as his old team did, let them deal with Crow and Joey and whoever else. Tim was tired of it.

A knock at the door startled him visibly and Tim grunted. Already on edge just from seeing the familiar face of Nico. He wouldn’t allow that to happen again, wouldn’t be caught off guard by the suave man as he was at their first meeting when Tim assumed he was some street punk. Taking a quick breath, Tim headed for the apartment door and flung it open. Standing there without cover, without a weapon, if it was Nico he figured they would finish this now, get it over with. Instead he was met with amused green eyes.

“Interesting way to greet me.” The tall, slim man brushed Timothy aside and the fascinating thing was that Tim allowed himself to be moved almost absently.

The lanky man sat down on the couch, “I assume you’ve heard.” Noam used a low almost reverent tone. He hadn’t known every detail about what happened with Horatio and Timothy and Nico but he knew enough that it was a sensitive subject.

Tim kept his eyes towards the floor for a moment before looking up. Liam was handsome of course, red hair parted neatly off to the side but shaggy near his bangs. When Tim slide his fingers through the fine hair..he felt nothing. Liam knew this, knew who Timothy truly wanted and he was unaffected by that. His wife had no idea of Liam’s newfound proclivities and Tim was content to keep it that way. Tim had become an ‘on the side’ lover apparently and these days, that didn’t really bother him.

Liam normally kept his private life private and kept his family to himself. Tim didn't know why Liam was cheating on his wife, he never asked. But he did notice Liam always took his ring off when he was with Tim and that showed that Liam had at least some respect for the sanctity of marriage. Whereas Timothy did not, not right at this point in his life at least.

“Eric just called me.” His tone was quiet but not soft since his usual rasping voice wouldn’t allow for soft. Plus, much to Liam’s dismay, Tim had started to smoke when Horatio left and the taller man had desperately tried to make Tim give that nasty habit up but to no avail. Numerous times he had joked that Tim really did need Horatio back, so the scruffy man could give up one addiction for another.

“What are you going to do?” Liam inquired carefully.

With a shrug, Tim gave the man a sardonic smile, “The fuck can I do? We the people elected the right man for the job. I’m sure he’ll help clean up this corrupt city.” Tim noted without a trace of humor, or..a trace of anything really. That made Liam slightly uncomfortable.

“Look, Timmy..” Liam started off.

“I told you not to call me that!” Tim snapped.

Liam held his hands up, palms out, “Relax Tim. Okay? I’m not the bad guy here.” Standing up, Liam tried to move closer to Tim but the younger man simply tensed and Liam sighed. Alright, Tim was having one of his moments apparently. No more talking. Got it. With a quick strike, Liam snaked his arm out and snatched a handful of Tim’s shirt, hauling him over and into a rough kiss.

Tim was distracted but quickly adapted, his mouth opening wide for the invading tongue and the last image he saw was of course a few wisps of red hair. That was how it always was, it triggered that deep seated need in him for Horatio Caine. Tim never fought that, never pretended otherwise. He reveled in it, fed off of the long dormant emotions that thinking about Horatio stirred up once more. But tonight was different and Tim shoved the man away, taking in a long hearty breath.

Liam knew instantly and nodded, breathing a bit heavy himself. Shame. He came here for a good lay but he knew when Tim was in one of his fits, it was better to look elsewhere. Exiting the small apartment, Liam managed to pick up a few things on his way out. Empty pizza box, a few socks strewn about…small gestures that again reminded Tim of Horatio and right now it was unbearable.

A few pieces of paper lay across the top of his stain worn coffee table. Half finished notes that he was supposed to send to Horatio along with the ticket.


It’s been so long..too long and…

Horatio it’s all my fault. Please come back, please help me. Help us.

I can’t do this without you.

But they were all left there, even after these few weeks. The more Tim read them, the more selfish they sounded. Truth was he did need Horatio but he didn’t want the man to feel he had no other choice but to come back. He wanted Horatio to come to Miami on his own terms. The plane ticket wasn’t about the money, he knew how smart Horatio was with his paychecks. Tim just wanted him to see how serious he was. Wanted him to feel like Tim was making the first step.

The final note he chose was something fairly simple and to the point. Much like Tim himself.

I love you, Horatio and I miss you. It’s hard, writing this and I don’t even know if you want to hear from me or not. Fact is, we want you back home. Back where you belong. We need..I need you here. I know that sounds selfish but it’s the truth. So much has happened between us, can we really just drift apart?

And that was it. In the end it truly was a selfish letter, a selfish act to send it but he could not stop himself. He had to know what Horatio was up to, even if it was just a simple letter. Ah Tim was never much for long winded responses anyway.

About to head to the kitchen he heard that familiar buzz of his cell phone. Right now, the fact that it could have been Horatio on the other line was the furthest thing from his mind and he clicked send,

“What?” Came the gruff reply. Expecting it to be another co-worker asking how he was doing. Ugh.

And then, then he heard that familiar but not tone. That voice and Timothy closed his eyes. “Horatio?” Tim paused by one of the large windows in his loft apartment. The ceiling to floor opening was draped with thick black curtains. Tim tentatively reached out, lightly brushing aside one of the panels, peering down onto the street from the fifth floor of a rather oldish stout brick building where he now lived as if to see Horatio standing there below in the sunset, drenched in the typical orange glow from the dying light.

Of course he wasn’t there and Tim tentatively spoke again, “I didn’t think you’d..well it was a while since I..” Tim didn’t know what to say, even though there was so much they had to talk about.

“I miss you.” Tim kept his tone even save for a slight tremble. Then it relaxed more, “I miss you Horatio.” He practically sighed the words out, they felt good to say. To get off of his chest. “I’m so sorry.” Tim went on, almost sounding confused. Confused as to why it took him so long to apologize.

Mar. 7th, 2009

H and Tim

(no subject)

The fight was not epic, it did not rearrange the cosmos, nor redefine history. It was simply a collision of two people that resulted in a horrible aftermath for years after. The night that Horatio had left him, had left Miami, he was devastated. Truly. In his heart he wanted to fix this, he so desperately wanted to call him up, e-mail the man, anything. But Tim was afraid of the backlash. Now, it was true that Tim was a bastard and of course there were quite a few people he did not care about but the select few he allowed under his guard..he cherished them. And their opinions. If Horatio had honestly gone off on him, Tim would not have been able to handle that.

Timothy went back to New York.

Brooklyn was already a bit on the old side when he moved out of Miami-Dade but after the onset of diabetes, Timmy knew it wouldn't be much longer. A few months sloshed by and Brooklyn had lost most of his sight. Broke his heart to watch the animal stagger into a table leg. After that, Brooklyn had a massive stroke and when Timothy went into the back room of the vet, watching Brooklyn's tail wag one last time as the sunk the needle into his flesh, he knew then and there he wanted to go home. Go back to Miami. He was of course, devastated by the loss. After a few more weeks in Queens, Timothy packed up his meager belongings and headed back to the sun-soaked pit that was Miami-Dade County.

Back working as a CSI for the final few months before contacting Horatio he found that Nicky Stokes had pulled up stakes and moved somewhere, Tim was unsure as to where. He was sad at first, actually he was quite upset. Nick was close to him, and not even in a sexual sense. Timmy figured they had a special bond between them but now that was over and Tim had moved on as best he could. Grissom was there still, but not long after the older man went back to Vegas, without so much as a goodbye from Timothy. The two simply were too different. Gil was much too laid back for his tastes. Besides, after Horatio had left him, Timothy was even less interested in a normal, long-term relationship than before. Yes, he did fuck around. He even subconsciously began fucking with red heads. Freud would have had a field day with Tim. And speaking of, he did try to go and re-visit the whole Shrink aspect. Finally making a session with one but he left mid-way through. Those people are so boring, so droll. Tim couldn't stand it any longer.

Even through his day by day routine, he thought of Horatio. Recalling the many times he had hurt the man, almost purposely. He still didn't know what made him torture Horatio as he did. Even if the two met up again, would he stop? Timothy was unsure. His demeanor had slightly changed, he figured at least. He wasn't as wild as he once was. Why? Still he didn't know. He never did get close to anyone however, not like he was with Horatio. Goddamn Horatio Caine, whom he believed was his soul mate *and he loathed that term* but it was true. After much thought, much agonizing over the question, should he? or not? Timothy finally broke down and contacted Horatio Caine. Writing him a small letter, Timothy had just stated the facts. That he loved him and still missed him. He wanted Horatio to come back home. Miami-Dade simply was not the same without its protector, its leader.

Now the final step was up to the older man. Did Timothy think he would come back? Probably not. But he had to try. Timothy never did get over him. He wanted to ask why! WHY did Horatio put up with all that bullshit, Tim never understood. Horatio could have done so much better. It was about three weeks since he had sent that letter and the plane ticket enclosed, he had heard nothing in response. Not yet at least. He had just finished another brutal round of work, sitting at home alone, which was what he normally did nowadays he kept the TV off and simply sat there. Listening to the sounds of outside, a few cars rolling by, some children playing. Normal everyday lives. He waited. If one didn't know Timothy Speedle better they would say patiently. Maybe he had changed a little more than he thought after all. He would wait, give it more time, until/if Horatio came. Then things would change.

Aug. 6th, 2006

H and Tim

Brain Doctor.

WHO: Horatio/Timothy/Brain Doctor..my bad.."Relationship counselor". Bah.
WHEN: Most recent.
WHERE: Doctor's Office. Well, in front of it. Still outside.


Timothy would not shut up. This went on for days, his constant whining. He hated this idea. Hated it more than anything in this entire world. More than Nico, and that was a lot of hate. Tim could barely talk to someone he loved about himself, there was no goddamn way he was opening up to some fucking Brain Doctor who just wanted him to open up his wallet, not his heart. Fuck that.

However he was here, forced here, because of Horatio. It was a fight just to get Tim into the car and the whining continued all the way there. Caine pulled into the parking lot and the building wasn't quite what Tim expected. It certainly wasn't a hospital, which was good.

It was just a two story brick building. Looked more like a townhouse than a shrink's place. That's what they do though to suck you in. It's ridiculous. Bastards. There was a nicely manicured green lawn and a little plaque near the front door on the open porch.

1165 Evergreen Road
Doctor Henderson

The door appeared to be made out of a thick oak and Timmy stood there staring at it. Hands in his backpocket of his old worn out jeans. Sunglasses were covering his eyes but the thick eyebrows were furrowed, of course he was frowning. Angry and stubborn. He refused to enter as he turns to glare at Horatio through the mirrored lenses.

"I changed my mind." He growls, turning away from the door. From the stupid Doctor.

Feb. 6th, 2006

H and Tim

(no subject)

WHO: Horatio.
WHERE: Izzy's.
WHEN: Old old thread. I believe it's the one where Cath was stripping. Don't quote me on that.


Timmy whipers, trying to snap at his tongue, leaning forward he groans into Horatio's ear, rubbing himself against the older man as best he could until he was shoved away. The comment Izzy made rolled right off of his back, he hadn't even fucking heard it but something had Horatio on edge and Timmy watches idly as Caine moves over to Izzy. The two were squaring off of each other for some reason.

Izzy folds his arms across his chest, staring the red head down. He's dealt with PLENTY of lowlifes in doing this damn job. Though something twinkling in this one's eyes had set him a bit on edge.

"Oh? So you believe regular cops go around fucking each other in public like this?"

Speed growls, eyes narrowing and he moves over, tugging on Horatio's arm gently, "C'mon, let's go, he's just being a dick."

Jan. 8th, 2006

H and Tim

(no subject)

WHO: Horatio.
WHERE: Horatio's.
WHEN: Old old thread continued.


Timmy relaxes against Horatio and chuckles, eyes cracking open. "Hey some people would kill for three legs." He didn't know exactly who or why.. but there were some weird people out there. Caine was shifting underneath him and Timmy groans, eyes closing for half a breath before they snap open again. He bolts upright and rolls off the bed without a word. Just barely he made it to the bathroom before he empties the contents of his stomach into the toilet with a groan, his stomach lurches angrily, getting all the Coke out, which was all that was in there to begin with. Probably why he was sick.

He slumps forward, that little bit of energy seemed just about all he had left as he flushes the contents and rests there. "I think i'm gonna just sleep here." He whimpers out, to no one in particular. Tim definately needed a shower.

Dec. 11th, 2005

H and Tim

(no subject)

WHO: Sara.
WHERE: Timothy's Place.
WHEN: Right after the visit with Grissom.


On his way home, Timmy had left a message for Sara to meet him back at his place. Timmy's door was always unlocked and he mentioned that just in case she got there before he did. He didn't exactly know what to tell her, things with Grissom couldn't possibly have gone worse. Gil clearly didn't give a fuck about Tim or he wouldn't have given him that ultimatum.

Stop loving Horatio?! The fuck?!

If there was a way to fall out of love with someone, he really prayed to fucking Christ someone would tell him. Because love simply wasn't worth it. Timmy completely ignored the fact that he knew damn well he didn't allow Grissom time to explain, he needed to go back.. talk to him. But Tim was stubborn. Either way, he couldn't handle Catherine and Horatio together anymore. Horatio and Ray? Well sure. So that was over.

He didn't get what he saw in Grissom, there was just something like.. in the man. Timmy sighs, pulling up against the curb, he didn't check to see if Sara's car was there and he makes his way up to his apartment, just getting inside as he tosses his keys on the table. Brooklyn scrabbles up to him and Timmy crouches down, scritching behind his ear.

Today sucks.

Oct. 10th, 2005

H and Tim

(no subject)

WHO: Greg.
WHEN: After everything. Most recent post.
WHERE: Lab Reception Area.


So it was a few days later. Timmy actually came in to see Nick to show Brooklyn off. The dog was so much better, gained weight, his coat was gorgeous and Tim couldn't be prouder, hence the fact he was showing him off to anyone. Plus, he was actually happy to talk to people about him. Share facts. It was like having a child only, much less horrifically annoying. And with less stench.

Timmy walked into the reception area, only to be greeted by a few more random CSIs, all petting and stroking the preening Brooklyn, wagging his tail furiously, grinning like a fool, that missing leg was nothing and Brooklyn didn't even notice it was gone.

Finally the small crowd began to dissapate and Tim made his way to the elevators.

Sep. 26th, 2005

H and Tim

(no subject)

WHO: Sara
WHERE: Sara's place.
WHEN: A week after the party.


Well he did it. There was virtually no human contact within the past week, even at work he avoided everyone and anyone. Especially Horatio. Another week without sex. So that was two now? He was almost starting to look at Brooklyn funny. But he satisfied himself a few times a day at least, though it wasn't the same. When he wasn't at work, he was taking the new dog for a walk, or to the park, or to a dog cafe! Yes he spoiled this creature. He was even thinking of moving. Brooklyn needed a place to romp around and play, not an apartment. He gained about 10lbs in the time Tim has had him, his coat was brand new, thick and silky. Bright eyes that were clear and so, so intelligent. He was perfect. The vet gave him a clean bill of health and he was properly adopted, he just had to take a few meds for an infection but he was still perfect. Still Timmy's.

He took a cab to Sara's, stepping out of it he tugged the leash and his three-legged buddy lept out happily and Tim smiles down at him, reaching over to scritch the top of his head as he buzzed for Sara at the front gate. Waiting patiently he crouches down, kissing the dogs nose. Brooklyn was an excellent walker, he didn't even realize he had a missing leg, but he didn't yank or tug at the leash he trotted happily next to Speed. Brooklyn was a mutt, looked like a golden retriever, part lab, part collie. Long slim legs, a gorgeous yellow coat with a white chest and each paw was tipped with the same snowy color, except for the missing back leg of course.

Timmy and the dog touch forheads and Tim grins. So does Brooklyn.

Sep. 21st, 2005

H and Tim

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WHO: Sara.
WHEN: Right after the beach/car.
WHERE: Sara's place.


Timmy woke up, bolting up right as he breathes heavily through his nose, glancing around he doesn't recognize a fucking thing and he starts to panic. Just thinking it was another regular night out. Odd though, he doesn't feel hung over. Swallowing that fear he collects himself. Sara. He's with Sara and safe ..just here. He sighs quietly, relaxing as his eyes close and he leans forward a little, rubbing his eyes.

Don't freak out. So strange to actually sleep in someone's bed and not fuck. Not have someone expect you to. Not that he didn't love it, or crave it.. not that he wasn't the one always initiating it but hell, it was nice to take a break.

The sheets were twisted around him and he groans, praying he didn't wake Sara up last night, she needed sleep. But he knew how horrible he was at that shit.

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