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24 June
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Timothy Speedle was born and raised in suburban Syracuse, New York. His father owned a chain of family restaurants, a position that offered Speedle a financially secure and well-fed childhood. His mother, a volunteer with Social Services, devoted her life to helping less fortunate children instilled a driving sense of compassion in him for people caught in circustancens beyond their control.

Speedle has a younger brother, 13 years younger than him, with whom he never developed a closer relationship, preferring to keep to himself.

During those hours spent alone, Speedle read voraciously. There wasn't a subject that didn't interest him, but the one section of the school library where he read every book was the sciences. It was there he met his one and only best friend. Together they led their high school's science team to the State Championship four years in a row.

Months before graduating, his best friend was paralyzed from the neck down in a snowmobile accident while on their high school senior trip, or that was the story.. Their plans of going to Europe and the college together dissolved in one night. Swearing he would do everything he could for his friend, he went to Columbia and devoted himself to studying biology of paralysis [his thesis: "Molecular mechanisms of neuronal differentiation, axon guidance, and cell recognition in vertebrate development"]

He was top of his class two years later when his friend died from the complications during surgery. As far as Speedle was concerned, nothing mattered any longer. He dropped out of school. And disappeared.

His family didn't hear from him until he called from his best friend's uncle's home in Miami almost a year later. He had wandered and landed there, and "no, he still didn't know what to do with his life" - not until he started following his friend's uncle to work at the Miami-Dade Crime Lab. With the same focus he had in school, he was consumed everything he could about the work that was done at the crime lab. It was here he met Megan Donner. She took him under her wing and quickly realized that this was the work he needed to do.

He returned to Columbia, finished his honors degree in a year, and took an official internship at the Miami crime lab under Donner's tutelage. Six months later, he was working as a full-time CSI.

Nitpick: Obviously i'm not Rory or Tim, just playing 'em. Background picture for Miami_Dawn done by: yt. Timothy: fatboy.